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When you look at commercial signage, you find that many of them look the same. They're crafted from the same materials, they use much of the same lighting, and they all kind of run together. I decided that there had to be a better way to market a business. That's when I started looking into how to do custom signs made from things like hand-crafted metal, reclaimed wood, and similar types of materials. I created this site to share my signage and marketing tips that I've learned in the hopes that other business owners will see how easy it is to step outside the box.


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Unique Signs For Marketing: Out-Of-The-Box Business Signs

Ten Tips To Make Your Booth Stand-Out At Trade Shows And Events

by Jordan Lopez

Planning to attend or display at a trade show or event? It can be tough to stand-out among many vendors in these venues, particularly at larger events. Make your service, product, or company leave a favorable Impression on visitors and attendees, while also giving your booth some additional appeal.

Ten tips that will help your booth stand-out are:

1.Invest in quality signage. If you want to attract attention, you will need quality signs for your booth and display. Look for bold, vibrant signage that is also tasteful. Investing in decent trade show signs with your company name and logo is something that you will use again and again, making it a worthwhile expenditure.

2.Enlist the right representatives. Choose the staff that will tend your table and display carefully. You want representatives that are engaging and social, but not too pushy.

3.Keep it professional. Keep your booth, display, and staff looking tidy and put-together. Assert a professional appearance, which can help instill confidence from your patrons.

4.Arrive early and leave late. Be the person that shows up early and that is the last to leave the event. Planning on a prompt arrival and late departure will ensure you don't miss meeting and greeting anyone that might show up at the event.

5.Give something away. Give the folks that visited your display something tangible to take away. Whether you opt for promotional products, like a can-cozy or key-chain, or if you give them a future discount on services or merchandise, this take-away could earn you new customers or clients.

6.Provide some comfort. Providing a few comforts, like food or drink, can also attract attention. Offer visitors bottled water- preferably bearing a custom label with your logo!

7.Engage your visitors. Set-up an interactive display that keeps people at your booth a little bit longer. Attractions such as a photo booth, power-point presentation, or virtual reality station are a few examples of how you can maintain the attention of visitors. Also consider setting-up a self-serve station for you to highlight a product or service, or simply to offer visitors a cup of coffee

8.Have a seat. These events can be exhausting; if your space will accommodate it, provide a spot for visitors to sit. A couple folding chairs or a bistro-set can be exactly what event-goers are looking for, and that could earn you a new patron.

9.Reinforce your company name. Make sure that visitors leave the event with something that has your company name on it. Whether this is a brochure, business card, or a customized frisbee, this ensures they will be able to contact you later.

10.Offer an incentive. Make sure that you give visitors an incentive to look you up further, whether by social media or a visit to your brick-and-mortar business. Reward attendees with special-event pricing or a tangible coupon for them to utilize after the event.

Use these tips to make your company stand-out at the next event or trade show. Utilize resources and engage staff in creating a welcoming, rewarding experience that will inspire participants to check out what you are offering.