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When you look at commercial signage, you find that many of them look the same. They're crafted from the same materials, they use much of the same lighting, and they all kind of run together. I decided that there had to be a better way to market a business. That's when I started looking into how to do custom signs made from things like hand-crafted metal, reclaimed wood, and similar types of materials. I created this site to share my signage and marketing tips that I've learned in the hopes that other business owners will see how easy it is to step outside the box.


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Unique Signs For Marketing: Out-Of-The-Box Business Signs

3 Tips on Caring for Your Magnetic Sign

by Jordan Lopez

Having access to the right signage is critical when it comes to ensuring the public is aware of the goods or services your company can provide. Turning your vehicle into a mobile advertising device is simple when you make the choice to utilize magnetic signs that can be attached directly to your car or truck. Although magnetic signs are simple to use, they do require some regular maintenance in order to ensure their performance over time.

Here are three things that you can do to provide better care for your magnetic signs in the future.

1. Wash the surface of the sign regularly.

As you drive down the open road, your magnetic sign will be subjected to all kinds of dirt and debris. It's important that you take the time to regularly wash the surface of the sign to remove this dirt and debris before it can corrode the sign's appearance.

All you need is a mild, non-abrasive soap and a soft rag or sponge to keep your sign clean. Gently scrub the surface to remove contaminants and keep your magnetic sign looking and functioning properly.

2. Keep your vehicle's surface clean.

Just as you need to keep the surface of your magnetic sign clean, you need to  keep the surface of your vehicle clean as part of your sign maintenance routine. When dirt collects around the edges of your magnetic sign, it can begin to work its way behind the sign.

This compromises the sign's ability to firmly attach to your vehicle's surface and could render the magnetic backing on your sign unable to function properly. Taking the time to routinely wash the surface of your vehicle on which the sign is attached will help you keep your magnetic sign functioning correctly over time.

3. Remove the magnetic sign and reattach it regularly.

Once you have placed your magnetic sign on the side of your vehicle, it can be easy to forget about the sign and let it remain in place. Failing to remove the sign and reattach it on a regular basis could result in significant damage to both the sign and your vehicle's painted surface.

Gently peeling the magnetic sign away from the surface of your car on a regular basis will prevent the sign from becoming cemented in place, allowing you to easily reattach or relocate the sign as needed.

Learning to properly maintain your magnetic signs helps you better utilize this type of signage to advertise your business in the future. For more information on your options, contact companies like Sign Services Inc.