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Unique Signs For Marketing: Out-Of-The-Box Business Signs

Three Internet Myths Surrounding Vault Marker Cleaning And The Damage These Myths Can Cause

by Jordan Lopez

Vault markers are used to identify the grave or vault where your loved one or their ashes rest after death. These markers get dirty easily because they are outside and exposed to the elements. If your loved one headstone is dirty, you may turn to the internet to find out how to properly clean it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there about what works and how to clean these vault markers. Here are three common cleaning myths that can be damaging to your loved one's vault marker. 

Shaving Cream

It may be hard to believe, but shaving cream is one of the lesser known ways to remove stains from carpet or leave your stainless steel appliances sparkling clean. Unfortunately though, many people are under the impression that it can be used to clean vault markers. While the shaving cream may initially appear to remove dirt and grime from the marker, it can cause damage and discoloration in the long run. As such, you should avoid using this cleaning method. 

Household Cleaners

Another common myth that can be found on the internet is that regular household cleaners, such as bleach products, can be used to clean vault markers. The majority of household cleaners, including bleach and ammonia are not formulated to be used on vault markers. They can cause permanent discoloration and can even etch the metal. Some cleaners may abrasive, which can leave scratches on the surface of the marker, while others may slowly eat away at the finish that is on the metal, leaving the item susceptible to rust or corrosion. Always avoid using household cleaners as you go about cleaning vault markers. 

Metal Scraping Devices

The last myth in regards to cleaning vault markers that you may find on the internet is that you can use tools to scrape away debris between the cracks and the crevices of the marker. Some people state that you can use a screw driver, scissors, pocket knife, paint scrapper or a butter knife to remove debris, mud and grass that may be contained within these cracks and crevices. However, when you use metal items to scrape a metal vault marker, you can leave behind scratches that are permanent. If you absolutely have to scrape something away, always use a plastic scraping tool, credit card or plastic flat knife. 

The best way to clean vault markers is water and elbow grease. Rubbing the marker with a soft, water-dampened cloth will cause most of the dirt and debris to wipe away. If the vault marker is still dirty, you will want to purchase a soap that is designed for the materials that the marker is made from most typically bronze or copper. This will help you clean the marker without causing any lasting damage.