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Unique Signs For Marketing: Out-Of-The-Box Business Signs

Use Colorful Vinyl Graphics To Advertise Specials And New Products

by Jordan Lopez

If you are selling Halloween costumes and additional themed merchandise this fall and operate from a glass storefront, window graphics can be used to inform the public about specials and new products that are on display inside of the store. Colorful graphics will also be of value when setting up a sidewalk sale or outdoor display in front of your shop.

Choose What To Promote

When choosing what type of vinyl window graphics to order, remember that the location of your store and the size of the shop's windows will be of importance so that signage will complement the front of your establishment and be easy to read.

Select the products that you would like to promote. For instance, if you are offering a new line of costumes or would like your patrons to know that some items are designed solely for men, women, or children, vinyl signs that relay this information will help people determine if you have what they are looking for, even before they enter your shop.

Orange, yellow, black, and white are common colors that are used during Halloween and all of the autumn months, so you can use this color combination for the lettering and pictures that are displayed across each graphic. Another option is to use fluorescent colors and bold lettering so that a black or LED light can be used to enhance the fluorescent signage when it is dark outside. 

Secure The Graphics And Create Displays

If you are going to use the window graphics to advertise what is inside of the building, the signs can be pretty much placed wherever you prefer on the interior pane of glass that faces toward the roadway. Clean both sides of the glass and then press one vinyl graphic at a time against the interior pane. Go outdoors to determine if the signage has been lined up straight across the pane and make adjustments if desired.

If you are going to be using the window graphics to advertise the items that are set up outdoors during a seasonal sale, leave plenty of room along the storefront that will be used solely for displaying items and secure the window graphics to an elevated portion of the glass. The display should be created right in front of your shop so that you can keep an eye on the merchandise while you are manning your shop.

Purchase alternate signage for future sales and promotions if you have drummed up quite a bit of business with your first attempt at using vinyl window graphics for your advertising needs. For more information, contact a company like Focus Signs & Graphics.