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Unique Signs For Marketing: Out-Of-The-Box Business Signs

3 Tips For Illuminating Signs Inside Your Business

by Jordan Lopez

Illuminated lights are not just for the outside of your business, and illuminated signs can work really well inside your business as well. Illuminated signs can help highlight different areas of your business and can help provide guidance to your customers.

Adding lights to signs inside your business can make the signs more visible. For example, you can add lights to a sign at the entrance that states your business name. You can use illuminated signs to mark different rooms and spaces. Illuminated signs can be used to highlight different products or items as well.

Back Lights Make Colors Shine

One of the best types of lights to illuminate the sign is a back light. A back light allows low lights to be installed behind your sign. The light will then illuminate the sign. When the lights are located behind the sign, the light will shine through the sign and will help illuminate the colors and details of the sign. With a back light on a sign inside of your business, the light will be consistent.

Side Lights

If you want a more dramatic look, you are going to want to install side lights instead. You can have lights that wrap around the edges of the letters and corners of the sign. When lights are wrapped around the side of the sign, they create a halo effect around the sign. This is known as side lights. Side lights are often installed using wrapped LED lights.

Edge Lights

You can also install edge lights. Edge lights are similar to side lights. However, edge lights are usually installed around rectangular and side lights. Edge lights are great because they provide a lot of illumination. Edge lights are designs to work really well with images that need to be lit up or with words that need to be illuminated.

There are multiple ways to illuminate a sign. You can illuminate a sign with back lights, side lights, or with edge lights. The most common type of light used to illuminate indoor signs are LED lights. LED lights are most commonly used because they are really energy efficient and last for a long time, reducing the need for maintenance. Additionally, LED light strips can be installed that change colors, allowing you to vary the light and create a more interesting illuminated sign.

A sign company can help you illuminate your existing indoor signs, or they can help you create new indoor signs.