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When you look at commercial signage, you find that many of them look the same. They're crafted from the same materials, they use much of the same lighting, and they all kind of run together. I decided that there had to be a better way to market a business. That's when I started looking into how to do custom signs made from things like hand-crafted metal, reclaimed wood, and similar types of materials. I created this site to share my signage and marketing tips that I've learned in the hopes that other business owners will see how easy it is to step outside the box.


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Unique Signs For Marketing: Out-Of-The-Box Business Signs

Precautions For Setting Up Tags On Power Poles

by Jordan Lopez

Power poles need proper maintenance, and one of the easiest ways to keep track of this maintenance is through power pole tags. They have identification markings to let appropriate parties know where certain poles are. If you're tasked with setting these tags up, use these precautions to your advantage. 

Take a Close Look at Markings That Came From Manufacturing

Every power pole tag that you order will have distinct markings. These are used to uniquely identify each power pole tag so that maintenance workers can better keep track of certain power poles. It's a good measure to carefully examine these markings after your tags arrive in the mail.

Browse through them to see if every piece of information can be distinguished. If there are issues, such as letters blending together, then you want to send them back for better power pole tags that have no defects.

Place at the Appropriate Height

It might seem like height placement for power pole tags is a trivial matter, but it's far from that. The right height placement can make these tags show up a lot better on power poles, saving you and other workers from having to search for a long time.

If there are other power poles in the area, then you can simply see where their tags are positioned and go with the same height on poles you're working on. Then, every tag in the area will be in sync with each other, which standardizes them a bit for easier access later for individuals. 

Use Fasteners You Trust

Most power pole tags will have holes at the top where you can secure fasteners through and into the power poles directly. However, you don't want to use any standard fasteners, because then you might not get the installation results you're hoping to achieve.

You want to make sure you go with fasteners you can trust to hold up in whatever conditions they're exposed to, much like the qualities of power pole tags. Also, use fasteners that are long enough to keep the tags secure once you've found the appropriate setup location on each pole.

If you are responsible for putting tags on power poles within an area, then you don't want to just start securing them to poles at random. Have a plan for the steps you're going to take. Then you won't have to worry about how these tags will turn out.