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Unique Signs For Marketing: Out-Of-The-Box Business Signs

Pop-Up Display Rentals

by Jordan Lopez

Taking part in a tradeshow will provide you with the opportunity to connect with many people. A pop-up display is a resourceful tool that will advertise your brand name or products. If investing in an elaborate display is out of your budget, acquiring a pop-up rental unit may be more convenient and affordable.

How A Rental Works

A company that furnishes pop-up displays will lease a model for the time duration that a client has reserved. First, a client will need to provide details about their business and the type of display that they are seeking. Graphics, lettering, lights, and a sound system can be integrated into a display. A simple display may consist solely of a framework, which will require an end-user to secure their own advertising to targeted parts of the display.

A more elaborate model may feature a sound stage, built-in microphones and lighting, and multiple rooms or floors. After a customer places an order, a rental unit will be prepared. The main components of a pop-up display may consist of non-branded materials. The color of a display, the materials that countertops and flooring are constructed of, and LED monitor display pieces can be customized.

A rental company will pack and ship a pop-up display directly to a customer. A client may request that a rental unit is shipped directly to the event where it will be used. After an event has ended, a customer will only be required to pack everything up and ship it back to the company that they acquired it from. 

Some Installation Tips

A rental unit may contain electrical configurations, which will allow an end-user to plug in monitors, computers, microphones, and other electrical components. A person who will be using a pop-up rental should determine an ideal location to have their display set up. Many trade shows feature indoor and outdoor areas that contain electrical hookups.

A display may contain a twist and lock feature. Since rental products are only going to be used for a short duration, a twist and lock feature will eliminate lengthy installation steps. Upon receiving a rental, a consumer should read the assembly instructions that a service provider has sent them. The instructions will include a breakdown of the pieces that are included with a display and step-by-step installation requirements. Upon assembling a pop-up display, personal signage and other trade show essentials can be set up within or around the display. 

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